Adapt | What We Do
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What We Do

The art of positive disruption.

In order to thrive, all businesses need to work efficiently. Controlling cost is essential to improve profit margins and there are always areas in every organisation where unnecessary expenditure can be eradicated. Adapt offer pragmatic and professional advice in a variety of sectors. We analyse current performances and identify instant and substantial savings as well as areas where a change of mindset will bring about greater internal harmony. Our independence means we instigate this positive disruption, objectively and without allegiances.


Over £4m of Scottish Enterprise investment for clients


Over £3m worth of Research & Development tax credits

Our can-do attitude also extends to bringing money into businesses. In the past seven years we have helped secure over £4m of Scottish Enterprise investment for our clients as well as over £3m worth of Research & Development tax credits from The Treasury. This money is available right now to help you expand and develop your business. The Adapt team has the experience and proven track record to secure it.

Some of the benefits we provide-

Bring experienced eyes into a business and take a ‘helicopter’ view

Mentor existing management and senior teams

Add value by generating money and improving profitability

Create an internal ‘respect culture’

Offer a large network of contacts should additional support be required

Open up opportunities for growth and achieve ‘hard goals’

Help to manage problem employees