Adapt | How We Do It
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How We Do It

Every organisation is different and no simple formula fits all circumstances. Adapt have developed several bespoke methods that with the investment of time and maintenance, can achieve the goals that will sustain your business today, before bringing about the transformation that will ensure it is more profitable tomorrow.

We always begin by spending a day or two on site to gain a rigorous understanding of your work practices. With this diligence complete, we then produce a full report on the goals you want to focus on, as well as other issues we feel will benefit the long term future of your business.

Our business review focuses on

  • An analysis of the workflow processes within your company
  • A systems appraisal covering both business and IT
  • An evaluation of the profitability of your business
  • An analysis of how efficiently your business currently performs
  • Which improvements will make a substantive difference to your bottom line

Once we have jointly agreed your ‘hard goals’, Adapt develop an action plan to deliver the positive outcome you are looking for. In some cases this might be just be sorting out a specific problem area within the business. In other cases, it might mean a complete re-engineering of the entire organisation. It really depends what we both find under the bonnet.